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Young Scientist LLC is a home-grown, family-owned institute and this is how it started:

Once upon a time a ‘teacher’ (let’s call him teacher… for now), who loved his students and wanted a bright future for them, realized that the traditional education was not going to work for the future. His students were always dependent on him in every study related matter which suppressed the creative side of their personalities and they never got to know their strengths. They could not concentrate on the lessons for more than fifteen minutes. They were absorbed with things like mobile technologies that affected their expected performance in the conventional assessments. They usually found it difficult to balance between studies and other activities of their interest. He understood that something was surely missing!

He panicked, got worried and stressed out. After a while when he calmed down, he was struck with a brilliant idea…. why not use the things that interest his students for their lessons like technology and real-life activities… aha!! 

Over the next few months, he took his time to develop lessons that were student centered and involved hands-on activities with minimum teacher talking time and maximum student teamwork. Upon delivering these lessons, he found a massive difference in the quality of student performance and understanding of the lesson objectives. 

He then started an institute with the help of his family that was based around his new-found philosophy of education. This was later known as ‘Young Scientists’. Fast forward a few years, he has helped hundreds of students around the UAE and gave them the skills and motivation to achieve higher not only in school, but also in all life situations.